Wednesday, November 17, 2010

As the years go by

In high school, I would get headaches and my knees would give out. After going to a sports clinic to have my knees looked at, I was told I had Patellofemoral Syndrome. Basically, it is when the knee cap does not move properly when you walk. This was from the same Dr who told me nothing was wrong with my hips, yet I was diagnosed with Bursitis???

When I was 18/19 years old, once in a while I would get a shake in my right hand when I would try to take a drink. I put it down to unhealthy living as I was living on my own, working 2 jobs and going out partying. I didnt always eat well or sleep much. To me, that was the logical answer. At 22, I would get bad veritgo in stairwells, especially the ones where you can see between the stairs... I started asking others I worked with if they too experienced this, and they did. I continued getting severe headaches. When Neal & I started dating, I felt so bad for him. I would page him in the middle of the night & begged him to talk me to sleep or tell me it was ok to go to the hospital.. I would take 2 Tylenol 3s and listen to his voice until the sun was almost up.

Let's fast forward....

October 2007, I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly got very dizzy. My eyes played tricks on me as it looked like my computer screen fell over & the stood right again with the blink of my eye. "What the?? What just happened??" Thankfully a friend who sat beside me noticed my reaction and asked if I was ok. She had a supervisor take me to a clinic nearby and this began the long journey of searching for an answer....

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