Thursday, November 11, 2010

The purpose of my blog

Welcome to my Blog!

I am hoping to provide a better understanding of what Chiari Malformation is, how it can affect someone and explain my specific journey.

Each Chiarian is different because the condition affects us in different ways. There are approx 85 symptoms in total. Ask any Chiarian what their symptoms are and  you will notice a pattern however what affects one person may never affect another.

The beginning of this blog will be more educational than entertaining... The entertaining part will come once I've had my surgery and I'm on the pain meds hahaha

I have lived the beginning of this journey and hope you will join me on the recovery part. I encourage anyone else with Chiari Malformation to follow along and share their experiences as well. The more stories told the greater the unterstanding :-)


  1. Such a great idea, I wish that I'd thought of doing something like this back when I was going through my tough time with Wegener's. Instead, I emailed people en mass after getting home from doctor's appointments and procedures!
    I'll be watching (and praying)!

  2. Thanks Trudy! I have thought about it for awhile now, but couldnt summon up enough courage lol.